Since 1992, weve been developing Power Factor Optimization Devices to better serve electric utility customers. Our quest to make a valued contribution to help keep our planet green by reducing carbon footprint, demand on the electric grid and put into service means for the public to allow them to become more efficient with their use of electricity.

Our teams dedication is entrenched in our mission, which is to provide the most easily accessible, cost effective and certified Power Factor Optimization devices to the public while maintaining the highest standards in quality, service and support. The real enabler of our successes is our team of employees, distributors and supporters. Through their strong desire to achieve at the highest levels, we have managed to move the yardstick forward so we may deliver world class energy efficiency products.

In the past two years, we sharpened our focus on growth and once again the KVAR Team showed us that they were up to the challenge. As CEO, I have recently engaged and empowered the KVAR Team so we may bring more structure to reinforce and reshape our company to achieve success the right way. I am most proud of the extraordinary dedication of all involved thus far and look forward to achieving even greater results within our commitment to doing the right thing.
KVAR Energy Savings Corporation