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Living Green: KVAR energy controller

Lindsay Milbourne | Updated Dec 31, 2012

“I use a compressor all the time, its always running,” says Michael Bissell of Garden City.

Michael Bissell stays busy doing lots of woodworking projects around the house. But he says his utility bill is paying for it.

“It just draws a lot, and you know throws the bill up. But I like to do, when I get home and relax,” he says.

Bissell’s power tools all have motors, just like household appliances like a washer and dryer. All of these motors produce heat or wasted energy, which in turn equals a higher utility bill.

“If most of my energy was going through motors, then that’s what I needed to look at,” says Bissell.

To cope with his over two hundred dollar a month electric bill, Bissell purchased an electric saving device called a KVAR energy controller. The device helps eliminate wasted energy given of by motors that is normally fed back to utility company capacitors.

“What we do is we stop that power from going back out from the utility company and store it in your own home. So you’re recycling your own power instead of paying for twice as you’re doing now without a capacitor stored in your home,’ says David Blackburn of Think Green Energy Savers.

The KVAR box stores and also regulates electricity.

“By making the motors run more efficient, cooler, and making them last longer,” says David Blackburn of Think Green Energy Savers.

“My water heater alone is 18 years old. They normally don’t last that long so if I can make anything last longer or work better, it’s all the better for my bill,” says Michael Bissell.

After having the KVAR device for only one month, Bissell’s Utility Bill was lowered by about fifteen percent. After five months, Bissell’s bill went down twenty percent, something he says he can’t complain about.

“Who wouldn’t think saving money is perfect,” says Bissell.

The KVAR energy saving device costs about five hundred and fifty dollars. It can take anywhere from about eight to fourteen months to pay for it, depending on how much energy your home consumes. Commercial businesses can also benefit from it.


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KVAR Texas JBK Electric

Distributor Spotlight: JBK  Electric, “A Revolution in Energy Efficiency”

KVAR headquarters recently caught up with new distributor J.R. Ketter to learn more about his company, JBK Electric.  Ketter was traveling near Midland, Texas on a trip to introduce KVAR to the oil field industry when we spoke with him last week.  He took a few moments to share some info about his new company and its relationship with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.

Where did the concept for the company originate?

In 2011 we formed JBK Electric, LLC in the state of Texas.  JBK Electric is named after my son Jackson Burke Ketter.

What services and products does your company offer?

We are Division 16 in the state of Texas which falls under the scope of electrical contracting.  As of 2014 we are focusing on energy efficiency while partnering with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.  We also offer infrared scanning for electrical systems.

When did you start doing business under your current company name?

January 11th, 2011

Where are you located and what is your market?

Central Texas and we service the following sectors: Residential, commercial, oilfield and industrial.  We currently service South Austin, Dripping Springs, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunsfels, Wimberley and the surrounding regions.

How are you marketing the products and services that you offer?

We have recently spent lot of time and efforts on our website and (Google) Adwords. Word of mouth has generated many future meetings and prospective companies lined up.

When did you become a KVAR distributor?

In 2014 we officially became a distributor.

What is your approach to marketing KVAR?

When you sell a quality product and service, it sells itself. There is no magic sauce, simply honesty and hard work.

Learn more about JBK Electric by visiting their website

Imitation KVAR Energy Controller - SCAM

Please be advised that fraudulent companies are selling dangerous imitation KVAR Energy Controllers.  We have undertaken this socially responsible campaign to ensure that consumers’ safety and livelihood are maintained.

KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR ECs®) are made with pride in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.  Additionally, KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. does have a technology partner in the UK, where KVAR Technology is built to CE (Conformité Européenne) standards.

Before you spend your hard earned dollars investing in a KVAR Energy Controller, we urge you to verify the authenticity of the device.  KVAR Energy Controllers are UL Listed, CSA Certified, RoHS Compliant, and NOM certified.  If for any reason you suspect you might be dealing with a counterfeit device, please contact our office at 386-767-0048, or for verification and review.

Unfortunately there are companies taking advantage of consumers and defrauding them with imitation KVAR energy savings devices.    Here are just a few examples:

KVAR Scam Alert Made In Sri Lanka

Buyer Beware of Fraudulent KVAR Energy Controllers

Residential Power Factor Scam Device KVAR EC Clone


Our power factor optimization products save energy for utility customers.  They also reduce demand on the electric grid, much to the benefit of electric utilities that have adopted pro-active energy efficiency programs and a socially responsible environmental approach.

Imagine having a cloned energy saver that starts a fire in your home and the fire inspector determines that this product did not have the required Underwriter Laboratory Listing. Your insurance company may not pay for the ensuing damages. Your family could be left in an difficult situation because you were sold a poorly fabricated clone of the original KVAR Energy Controller.